Do also note that for the more sophisticated dental or orthodontic procedures, and the more advanced and developed private operating rooms, 3D imaging will now be considered during all assessment, evaluation and monitoring or follow-up work or exams. But in the main, the dental x ray windsor procedure is still tried and trusted. It works and gives the presiding dentist all the upfront information he will require going forward.

The dental x ray is one of the most commonly used procedures. And contrary to popular belief, it is not complex either. Also note that fears over this procedure can be allayed in the safe knowledge that the risk of radiation exposure is rather minimal. Having said that, all precautions are usually taken to ensure that the patient is well-guarded against radiation exposure during the taking of a dental X-ray.

And furthermore, vulnerable patients may well be excluded from the X-ray procedure altogether. Indeed, during a procedural exam, a pregnant mother may well be in extremely good health, but will not be subjected to the dental X-ray. The purpose of this exclusion is precautionary and contributes towards protecting the mother’s unborn child. Speaking of which, it is usual to expect that young children, right through to their teen or adolescent years, may well be subjected to a few X-rays.

dental x ray windsor

This is owing to the fact that the dentist would wish to closely monitor the child’s oral and dental development, from the losing of baby teeth, right through to the full growth of the adult teeth. Those who cannot risk the X-ray, can always sit for a 3D imaging procedure. There is no radiation exposure in this. And it turns out that the produced images are a lot clearer and accurate.