water softener systems

Every home needs a soft water system, and yet so many of them lack these systems today.

A soft water system is exactly that; it takes the hard, groundwater that comes up through your pipes and turns it into soft water.

Why is this important you ask? Well first you need to know exactly what hard water is.

What is hard water?

Hard water is everything you don’t want. Since several different types of minerals are often found in groundwater and public water, this makes it ‘hard’. These warning signs indicate whether or not you have hard water in your home:

·    Watermarks on ‘just cleaned’ faucets and appliances

·    Lime and chalk buildup in places of running water

·    A strange smell or taste coming from your water

·    White clothes that have faded rather quickly

What are the benefits of soft water?

Once you do start to notice these qualities in your water at home, it’s time to invest in water softener systems. A water softener system is relatively easy to install and worth a small investment once, to last you for a lifetime of good, clean water.

·    It saves you money: A water oftener system is everything you want in your home, because it saves you money. When your water is soft there is less cleaning you have to do, less plumbing maintenance, and even less soap and detergent to buy because you’re cleaning less.

·    It’s good for your body: Specifically, soft water is good for the skin and hair. While hard water with unidentified minerals is bad and damaging to the hair and skin, soft water keeps it soft and does not dry out as quickly.

·    It’s better for your laundry: Not only will you be having to clean your clothes less, but you’ll find that soft water is less damaging to clothes. For example, it helps keep white clothes brighter.