There is much glee for the first-time rider. But perhaps some of the shine is taken off the welcome enthusiasm of the first-time horse rider once he or she embarks upon his or her first-ever horse riding lesson. Moving along, only time will tell whether he or she has a genuine love for the equestrian environment. If that love is genuine, he or she will be taking seriously one or two important matters in regard to the new horse tack inventory.

He or she will not shy away from the responsibilities of being a good horse rider. And the horse that he or she rides will love him or her for it. It is a docile creature at the best of times. But if treated poorly, it will be a nervous wreck. Two important matters that should be attended to right from the beginning of the horse-riding experience relates to safety and comfort. But note this. Not just safety and comfort for yourself.

But safety and comfort for the horse as well. If the horse doesn’t feel secure, and if it is not comfortable, rest assured that you will not be enjoying your ride. And that’s only if you even get to ride. Not to worry. Just take note of what your instructor tells you. As far as you are concerned, the most important safety element from your horse tack inventory will be your riding helmet. The same safety principle applies as if you were riding a bicycle or motor bike.

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And the most important comfort element from your horse tack inventory will be the saddle. In this case, it’s important for both you and the horse. You should be able to fit snugly into the saddle while the bridle must never be too tight around the horse’s rump.