At the altars of traditional Western wedding unions, it has always been the tradition to exchange a rehearsed set of marriage vows. And words to the effect of – for better or for worse – as in good times, and in bad times. And then there is this – in sickness and in health. It is enough for a relationship-shy man to run for the hills. Why not talk about for better and better instead? Let’s be positive over new marriage prospects, given that today, people are still heading to the divorce courts in droves.

Perhaps more encouragement can be created to stay the course in a committed marriage which is supposed to be for keeps. That’s encouraging. And when there is strain, the couple is perhaps willing towards resolving disagreements and old irritations and settling outstanding disagreements rather than calling it quits. Mind you, the marriage would have to be long if it is going to last as long as the newlywed couple’s brand new black hills wedding rings.

black hills wedding rings

These are wedding rings designed for long life and cost-effectiveness particularly for the budget-pinched couple. Although you may not always think so. Just at a glance, say, through window shopping or surfing the net, these wedding rings would not have been out of place in a Fifth Avenue jewelry store. Be that as it may, they are a lot cheaper anyhow. And there is no fear of losing them or damaging them.

Because these are wedding rings for keeps. You can wear them at all times, even while you work. And if you have that tendency to get your hands dirty, note this too. These rings are quite easy to clean and maintain. And provided that you always take care anyhow, they don’t break easily either.